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Monnie Holmes, a gifted local artist creates beauty with brushstrokes. Sharing acrylic and watercolor paintings with others she follows in the footsteps of her grandfather who painted murals in homes, business buildings and churches. Her other grandfather wrote for the New York Times and owned a newspaper.

Painting original scenes of seascapes, waterfowl, horses and flowers she grants her patrons art that is easy on the eye. Unique phrases as seascape, fantasy flowers and mahogany adorn her creations and invite the guest who views her work to enjoy an artistic feast she creates to share. Taking we the viewers to faraway magical places, she paints in traditional, pastoral and contemporary themes.

Drawing us in, Monnie spreads spontaneity celebrating the world with each stroke. Like a caring friend, she calms us through peaceful relaxing scenes. Welcoming us on her sojourn, we travel to exotic places into colorful, warm creations.

For over twenty years, Monnie has participated in the Plein Aire's throughout the Southeastern Wisconsin. She shows in Katie Gingrass Gallery, other galleries, restaurants and is a member of Art Guilds around the greater Milwaukee Area.


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